It Takes a Village

The Foothills Children’s Wellness Network believes that it takes everyone – parents, families and communities – working together to build the sturdy brain architecture needed to raise happy, healthy children who have all the foundations to become happy, healthy, independent and fulfilled adults.

Building Healthy Brains Builds Healthy Futures

There is a relationship between early childhood and later health. The experiences a child has early in life affect the way the brain develops. Those early brain structures form the foundations for a child's skills and abilities and impacts future health.

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An Investment in Children is an Investment in Alberta

By working together to nurture healthy development of all children in our communities, we ensure the next generation has the human potential to maintain and build a strong Alberta.

That’s why it takes a village to raise a child and why the people of the Foothills region have created a common-sense, community-based response to the needs of children and their parents.

View Harvard's "Brain Hero" video to learn the benefits of community support