Give your child time and attention. It is what they need and want.

  • Go “Old School” – put away all electronic gadgets for a day and see what happens…
  • Make a fort under the table and read a book
  • Ask your child to help you make a snack; sit and eat it together

    Activity Sheet

Play with your child

  • Go outside and look for bugs
  • Use sidewalk chalk to draw a picture or play hopscotch
  • Meet friends at the park
  • Find a cardboard box to play in. Be amazed by your child’s imagination

    Activity Sheet

Parenting is a big job – it's okay to ask for help

  • Trade an afternoon of childcare with a trusted friend or neighbour
  • There is a network of people and resources ready to help.
  • Share a smile and a kind word when you see a parent out with their child

    Activity Sheet

Make health and wellbeing a priority

  • Enough sleep means happier days for you and your child
  • Take your child to the grocery store and choose a new fruit or vegetable to try
  • Teach your child the words for their feelings (sad, happy, mad)

    Activity Sheet

Make time for family and traditions

  • Make memories by eating and talking together
  • Look at photos together and tell your child a story about when they were little
  • Think about an activity that was special to you as a child and repeat it with your family… or start a new tradition!

    Activity Sheet

Value the time you spend with your child

  • Talk, sing, read and play with your child
  • Find healthy ways to relax together
  • Show your child you care by giving hugs, playing on the floor together,
    saying “I LOVE YOU”

    Activity Sheet

Provide love and limits

  • Provide routines for your child, but leave room for the unexpected
  • Let your child try something new
  • What you can expect of your child will change as they grow and learn

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Have confidence in your parenting
and take care of yourself

  • Seek information from people and sources you respect,
    and then trust your judgement
  • Go for a walk with a friend or your partner
  • Forget perfection – aim for your best

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Build strong family relationships every day

Make sure your family hears…

  • I believe in you…
  • I trust you…
  • I know you can handle it…
  • You are listened to…
  • You are cared for…
  • You are important to me…
    Source:  Barbara Coloroso

    Activity Sheet

Support your child as they learn and grow

  • Play on the floor with your baby and be active with older children
  • When your child needs you respond quickly and sensitively
  • Expose your child to new experiences
  • Read, talk and listen

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